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Joss continues to enjoy and appreciate the support of a very loyal and passionate set of owners most of whom have been supporting Joss for many years.

If you own a horse that hasnít fulfilled its potential or is already a proven event horse, we are always looking to increase Joss's competition string and our facilities and staff ensure your horse gets the best care, management and attention to help them reach and stay at the top of the sport.

If you don't own a horse, through Joss's numerous contacts he is able to source suitable horses for all sorts of prospective owners whether you are looking for a young horse with the potential to go all the way or a seasoned campaigner that is already competing at the highest level.

Equally for new entrants wishing to join a syndicate and enter the sport it doesnít have to be a massive investment. Joss always has syndicate shares for sale in a number of his current horses.  

Syndicates have arisen from people approaching us with a talented horse which they couldnít afford to run as individuals, but through contacts we have encouraged people to purchase syndicate shares to help spread the cost thus giving the owner the enjoyment of not losing their favourite friend and to be part of the horses journey through its career.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an owner or joining a syndicate please donít hesitate to contact us.